Rebecca Naa Kai Adjetey

Rebecca Naa Kai Adjetey

by Dyslexia Ghana |October 13, 2023 | Dyslexia Story

I have a 9 years old dyslexic son, he was diagnosed dyslexic at age 8. Before his diagnosis and assessment we have changed 5 schools and this was because at most of the schools he attended, his class teachers complain about his inability to read and write well.

This is a child who apart from reading and writing is very brilliant and contributes a lot in class verbally. At a point even we as parents though he was being lazy because he is very brilliant with his words and his best subjects in class is Science, Mathematics , ICT and History. It was very frustrating and some of his teachers said a lot of discouraging words to him, they even ignored him during exams and class work due to his inability to read. But thankfully we went to a professional and he was diagnosed dyslexic.

Afterwards we got in touch with DYSLEXIA GHANA and for the past months things have been much better. Due to their early intervention my son is able to read and picking up on his writing. DYSLEXIA GHANA also gave us a better understanding of how to handle him and a better understanding of what he’s going through being dyslexic. Life as been much easier for him and we as parents. He’s now always in good spirits. We’re very proud of him. As for issues with his current conditions at school, I will talk about that on another day. I will say a big thank you to all the amazing staff at DYSLEXIA GHANA for the wonderful job, pls keep it up.

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