Dyslexia Awareness Month

The theme for this year is Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties or Differences.

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Dyslexia awareness centre

To help us to achieve our goal of a dyslexia friendly society, we work hard to raise awareness of dyslexia and to challenge common misconceptions.

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Do you think your child is dyslexic?

Discover the signs of dyslexia here


Dyslexia Advice

Offering dyslexia information, advice and services

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Dyslexia awareness events

One way we do this is through awareness events - these range from a yearly week-long campaign known as Dyslexia Week to running local dyslexia roadshows.

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Dyslexia Ghana

Possibly ten percent (10%) of the Ghanaian population is dyslexic and maybe 4% severely so.

It is known worldwide that many people with dyslexia, both adults and children, maybe unable to fulfil their potential.

Most people still do not understand what dyslexia is or the difficulties which the condition presents, and do not know how best to support people with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Ghana hope to be the voice of people with Dyslexia in Ghana.

Our Services

Dyslexia Assessments

Dyslexia Ghana offers a range of assessments for children and adults. Our assessments are carried out by experienced specialist Assessors, Teachers and Psychologists in Ghana and UK.


TTRS - Touch-Type, Read & Spell

A highly accessible, multi sensory course that teaches touch-typing, reading and spelling at the same time.



This is part of our commitment to raise awareness of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties and to have a dyslexia friendly society.



We specialize in screening, assessing and addressing Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and creating awareness of these conditions.

News and Events From Home & Abroad

The impact of stress and anxiety on learning

We know about the negative impact of educational experiences on the mental health

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