Support for children

If your child is, or may be, dyslexic then we have information, resources and training available to help you to ensure that your child is able to reach their full potential.

Is my child dyslexic?

Dyslexia is often identified in primary school. However, some people’s coping strategies are so good that the dyslexic difficulties do not become apparent until much later, perhaps at secondary school or even in university or the workplace.

The first step as a parent is to gain a good understanding of what dyslexia is, and how it can affect your child.

My child’s education

Dyslexia is a learning discrepancy, so it is no surprise that it often becomes apparent during a child’s education.

Dyslexia can be a real challenge during your child’s education, but it is important not to lose sight of the fact that each child or young person will also have their own strengths, such as problem-solving and creativity.

Through effective teaching techniques and support your child can still achieve success.

How can I support my child?