Finding a Tutor

A specialist tutor, qualified to teach children or students with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulty (SpLD), can be a great support to your child’s education.

A tutor is able to give individual attention and can set the pace of learning to suit your child. They can focus on the subjects that your child finds particularly difficult and will be able to identify your child’s learning style, and therefore work to their strengths. Working with a tutor can also help to build a child’s self-confidence.

A specialist tutor:

should have a recognised qualification to show that they have the knowledge and skills to support dyslexia learners.

should be able to take on board recommendations from a qualified professional assessor.

should be able to use multi-sensory methods to teach reading and spelling or teach study skills if your child is working towards BECE, SSCE or a university degree.

They may:

Be able to support your child to develop their use of assistive technology.

Be prepared to liaise with your child’s school.

You should ask:

Whether the lessons will be individual or as part of a group, how long they will be and how much they will cost. You should establish whether there is a cancellation fee or additional charges for books etc.

Whether you can observe lessons and how you will be informed of your child’s progress.