Dyslexia Ghana Goes Red

Dyslexia Ghana Goes Red

by Dyslexia Ghana |August 31, 2020 | Blogs

Let us, all Go Red for the Dyslexia Awareness Week this year!

The Go Red Campaign aims to inform society about the existence of Dyslexia and people living with it.  It exists to raise awareness of the plight of people with Dyslexia.

Dyslexia comes with its challenges, as there are no two individuals the same, and each one deserves the right to attain their full potential, no matter how long it takes them.

Go Red came about as a result of the unforgettable dreaded red mark, which those with Dyslexia are exposed to throughout their education and which has become a label for them.  Go Red takes hold of this label to promote the cause.  We are encouraging everyone to get behind this and to capitalise on the colour red.

To ensure its success, we will seek to have organisations on board as well as individuals to guarantee maximum impact.  This is a call to give those with Dyslexia a voice to work at their own pace to succeed.  So, let’s all join together and get behind Go Red to make this year’s campaign a success.

DyslexiaGhana (CrossRoads @U2kan) is on board with going Red. SucceedWithDyslexia is promoting Go Red for this year’s Dyslexia Awareness Campaign and DyslexiaGhana is proud to be on board with them.

Go Red was originally started in Australia, by a parent group called Code Read Dyslexia Network. Over the last few years word has spread, and the cause is now championed by organisations in the UK, Canada, USA, India, and across the globe, based on the theme of reclaiming the colour Red.

Globally, around the world dyslexia associations and organisations are reclaiming the dreaded colour red that dominated most people with dyslexia through their educational years. Red being used to highlight one’s mistakes is a very painful reminder experienced by every person with dyslexia. In the vein of this, dyslexia associations and organizations around the world have chosen to take back the meaning and to globally promote dyslexia awareness.

This year DyslexiaGhana is joining other global dyslexia organisations to go Red for dyslexia during 2020 Dyslexia Awareness week 5th -11th October to enable DyslexiaGhana to raise awareness of dyslexia to explore best practice in dyslexia support and to empower individuals to achieve their potential.

This year whilst recognising and highlighting the challenges and barriers caused by dyslexia, DyslexiaGhana will also be exploring the creative abilities of people with dyslexia and their contributions to society, Ghana, and the world at large.

Let us, all Go Red for the Dyslexia Awareness Week this year!


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